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ICE Data Derivatives

Cross Asset Market Data, Pricing and Analytics


ICE Portfolio Analytics - Derivatives

A comprehensive multi-asset derivatives solution designed for front to middle office participants. Supporting pre-trade price discovery and analysis, idea generation, structuring and dissemination, internal communication and trading, market risk management, real-time position management and investigation and more.


ICE Data Derivatives has extensive experience in providing mark-to-market reports, at end of day and intraday, alongside independent portfolio valuations. Our valuation calculation services cover major asset classes including Interest Rate, Equity, Foreign Exchange, Commodity, Credit and Hybrids.

Market Data

Our market data is neutral and independent as a result of persistent use of broad raw data contribution. We use a large variety of raw data sources ranging from top tier banks and international inter-dealer brokers, to smaller regional banks and local brokers. Data includes implied volatility surfaces, interest rate yield, inflation and cross currency curves, implied forwards, dividends & correlations, as well as theoretical pricing of energy futures.
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